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2016 Guest Speakers

Every year, highly experienced guest speakers have supported QPANA and have offered an interested and qualified educational opportunity to pulseperianesthesia nurses.


Dr Olivier Court M.D., CM, FRCSC: «Bariatric Surgery »

Learning objectives:

  1. Review the impacts of obesity on health and healthcare
  2. Describe the different surgical options in the treatment of obesity
  3. Understand the benefits of bariatric and metabolic surgery
  4. Examine the perioperative considerations for patients undergoing bariatric surgery


Dr Lorenzo  Ferri MD PhD FACS FRCSC: «Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) – Improving Peri-operative Care Using a Multidisciplinary Approach»

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the changing peri-operative management of patients in the Enhanced Recovery era
  2. Learn novel approaches to fast track thoracic surgery
  3. Explore the concept of multimodal therapy for post-operative pain control


Dr Émilie Richer-Séguin, Anesthesiologist: «Local Nerve Blocks»

 Learning objectives:

  1. Understanding the different options and indications for analgesia through regional anesthesia
  2. Understanding the difference between the single short block and continuous block
  3. Recognize and understand complications associated with regional anesthesia, including regional anesthetic toxicity
  4. Pain evaluation and the use of co-analgesics in conjunction with regional techniques
  5. Improving patient education in the perception of regional anesthesia ensure a security practice of the thyroid surgery in Day Surgery


Costa Voutsinas, Respiratory Therapist: «Mechanical Ventilation in PACU – One Hour or More?»

Learning objectives:

  1. Review the indications for mechanical ventilation in a PACU environment
  2. Describe common ventilation modes
  3. Criteria to wean & extubate
  4. Post-extubation management: O2 therapy & non-invasive ventilation