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Provincial Conference
  • Quebec: QPANA - April 27, 2019 in Montreal. For more information: 2019 Conference

  • Ontario: OPANA - To follow at: OPANA

National Conference
  • NAPANc: June 1-2 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  For more information: NAPANc

Becoming member to receive a special membership rate for the conferences of QPANA and NAPANc!

    • Click here for membership registration form to be sent by mail  with a check to the order of QPANA. 
    • Click here for registration online with secured payment using Paypal.
International Conferences
  • United States of America: ASPAN - May 5-9, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee . For more information: ASPAN 

  • United States of America: VT/NH APAN - To follow at: VT/NH APAN

  • International Perianesthesia Nursing Conference (ICPAN) - To follow at: International Conference